What is SmartRiyal?

The smartriyal platform includes several subprojects with a shared goal: revolutionizing the use of AI and technology in the modern world.

Its powerful AI-powered interface provides easy-to-implement, cost-efficient solutions for a variety of industries – from agriculture to biology through data analytics and education all the way to healthcare and gene therapy. The innovative, cutting-edge technology behind the platform represents a comprehensive solution to provide people with the highest standard of life with the help of Big Data.

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: January 1, 2019, Tuesday , 9:00 PM (GMT)
Hard cap: 1.400.000.000 CR
Soft Cap: 600.000.000 CR
Token: CR
Presale (10%): 20 USD
Publicsale (20%): 200 USD
ICO (19%): 2000 USD
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

CR Token Contract Address

Address to be announced. The following address is for the CR token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the

How is SmartRiyal Changing Lives

SmartRiyal’s platform facilitates transactions with the help of CryptoRiyal: a powerful new cryptocurrency designed specifically for the AI-enabled platform built on top of blockchain. With CryptoRiyal coins, users can purchase premier goods and services all while helping businesses in the areas of agriculture, health, biotechnology, hospitality, and education thrive. Every transaction funds the development of futuristic state-of-the-art systems where data is securely stored in data centres and processed with powerful machine learning and AI algorithms to help businesses evolve at a rapid pace.

By creating a loop where users can purchase quality goods and services and fund businesses and entire industries by doing so, SmartRiyal is harnessing the power of Big Data and changing societies.

How it works?

The CryptoRiyal token is an innovative method of money transfers and transactions. The CR tokens can be transferred between electronic wallets hassle-free and stored securely for future purchases. Because the CryptoRiyal is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, the CR tokens can be easily converted to and from fiat money and other currencies on the currency exchanged developed as part of the SmartRiyal platform.

CryptoRiyal: innovative cryptocurrency connecting citizens and businesses

SmartRiyal: the cutting-edge AI-powered platform that facilitates the quick and secure exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money

Each CR token gives token holders and users access to all the capabilities of the SmartRiyal platform. This ensures that in the near future, CR tokens will become the predominant day-to-day means of payment, giving them a competitive edge over the majority of today’s cryptocurrencies.

Total CR tokens sold :

Price Now : 20 USD


Fast and Reliable

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, CryptoRiyal offers unrivaled speed and reliability, ensuring lightning-fast transactions from any point around the globe.


The SmartRiyal platform is accessible from anywhere and by anyone. This facilitates even more rapid transactions and simplifies the currency exchange process. Forget about time-consuming face-to-face meetings or money transfers that break the bank. The smart contract implemented in the system and the fully protected encryption of the Blockchain ensures rapid-fast transactions anywhere, anytime


Powered by Blockchain technology, the SmartRiyal platforms minimize security risks, enabling users to exchange money quickly and without any hassle.

Powerful Machine learning algorithms

the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms powering the SmartRiyal platform continuously collect, process and learn from the data each user transmits once they use the system. Every transaction and exchange feeds the system with information that can be used for further recommendations with the end goal of improving every aspect of every industry within the city of Neom.

Help businesses thrive

The predictive analytics models and insights provided by the SmartRiyal platform help technology sectors and businesses grow by making the most out of user-generated Big Data. Recommendations generated on the basis of user activity are then distributed to business subscribers to support the monetary transactions when goods and services are purchased.

SmartRiyal Academy

Innovation is the inspiration and ultimate goal of the SmartRiyal platform. The funds generated with the help of CryptoRiyal-facilitated transactions will be used to establish the SmartRiyal Academy – a school for basic and advanced training programs of Saudi Arabian professionals in Python, Big Data, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in the Arabic language


Agriculture is one of the industries where AI and machine learning technologies can offer huge benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and cost optimizations. SmartRiyal’s AI-powered platform learns from user-generated data and implements it with huge amounts of information about farming and related measurements. The SmartRiyal’s platform will allow agriculture specialists to request personalized solutions to help them evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement and future challenges and take pro-active action to ensure sustainable growth. SmartRiyal’s plan includes positioning hyper-sensitive sensors in farms and agriculture machines to provide the AI with real-time data and boost the accuracy of predictions and diagnosis.

The SmartRiyal platform and its cryptocurrency, CryptoRiyal, will offer measurable benefits to the education sector as well. In addition to contributing to the establishment and development of the SmartRiyal Academy, the AI-powered platform will guide students in their study process, help teachers and staff adjust the content they teach to match individual cognitive capabilities and ensure coherence between subjects, based on scientific research.

SmartRiyal’s AI platform will be integrated within numerous construction projects to make processes more accurate, faster and less costly. Repetitive tasks will be handled by robots with unrivaled productivity and efficiency, helping construction companies reduce costs and minimize human’s risk of injury. SmartRiyal’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the foundation of smart cities: the cities of the future where human basic rights can be provided at minimum costs and energy consumption diminished to protect the environment.

In today’s highly technological era, the health sector is still facing major obstacles. With the help of Big Data and powerful machine learning algorithms, the SmartRiyal’s AI platform will begin to unravel the causes of common health problems and previously incurable diseases. With the funds generated thanks to the CryptoRiyal tokens and SmartRiyal’s exchange transactions, humans will be able to predict health concerns before they occur to take pre-emptive action, as well as take advantage of customized health plans and diets to minimize the effect of underlying health problems. Biosensors will allow for constant real-time supervision to ensure a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. SmartRiyal aims to transform the entire healthcare sector, helping companies develop cutting-edge technologies for gene therapy, nanobiology, and bioengineering treatments and set up advanced laboratories and facilities.

Why invest in CryptoRiyal?

All of the above and many more sectors will experience tremendous benefits thanks to SmartRiyal’s platform. The development of these industries will heavily rely on payments and transfers through the SmartRiyal platform as well as investments in the CryptoRiyal currency.


CryptoRiyal will facilitate rapid and fully secure transactions and payments at a low transaction fee. A large proportion of the services and goods offered in Neom will be automated and will rely on money transfers. By relying on Blockchain technology, CryptoRiyal will increase businesses’ efficiency while decreasing costs and ensure its user base experiences a continuous and sustainable growth.


CryptoRiyal holders can easily send tokens to start-up companies at a low transaction cost, and receive profits or dividends in the form of tokens. This bridges the gap between users and businesses and allows people to continuously invest and benefit from the companies they work with. Dividends will be paid directly to stakeholders or the company shares registered in their name. Additionally, investors will be able to make purchases at a discount by identifying their wallets as ‘premium wallets’.


Cloud computing is the cost-efficient technology of the future. Moving away from the traditional capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model is the essence of cloud computing and can contribute to immense savings. CryptoRiyal aims to provide the most cost-effective and reliable financial solution to all entrepreneurs in Neom.


Powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, SmartRiyal features a cutting-edge platform that will revolutionize the way people live and do business.

How are we bringing CryptoRiyal’s dream to life

The entire infrastructure of SmartRiyal is facilitated with powerful machine learning and AI algorithms. SmartRiyal’s secure data centre continuously gathers information about the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain in real-time: data that will be used to seamlessly improve the technology. This information also represents the very first real crypto usage data on a worldwide scale.

Our data centers are built with the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge processing methods and in collaboration with some of the global leaders in the industry. The information stored and processed there will help local businesses flourish into internationally recognized giants, and governments to offer better resource management and better organized public services to their citizens.

Our Advisors

Richard Shibi

Blockchain Advisor

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Director Of Business Developement

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Senior Security Advisor

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